Manual of use

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Manual of use

Dear canonist

The search bar of the online library is intended to facilitate the search for books, theses and canon law dissertation written after 1983.

To use it, enter a canon number or a keyword in the search bar and click.

The result of the search will give you a list of titles sorted by decreasing year on which it is possible to click to access the online content when it exists.

Keywords can be the name of the author of the document, of the preface, the imprimatur, or the thesis supervisor.

It can be the name of the publisher or the university

It can be keywords, presently in French (example: CCEO, history, philosophy, state, civil, worship, sacrament, ecumenism, interreligious, islam, orthodox, protestant …) and in the future in English

It can be finally the number of a canon of the CIC/83 code, which is cited or potentially quoted by the document.

We wish you a successfull research.
Do not hesitate to report errors, to ask for improvements or to offer your help by writing to yves.alain [@] (without the spaces)

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Yves Alain administrator

Je suis un homme ordinaire, évoluant d'une posture de sachant à celle de sage. La vie m'a donné de nombreux privilèges : français, catholique, marié, père de six enfants, grand-père, ingénieur polytechnicien, canoniste, médiateur, coach, écrivain et chef d'entreprise ( Il me faut les lâcher peu à peu pour trouver l'essentiel. Dans cette quête, j'ai besoin de Dieu, de la nature et peut-être de vous.