« Canonists without borders » is an international network of canonists, that are Roman Catholic lawyers. Without any specific mandate from the Church, it works at overcoming traditional borders to make the Catholics more aware of their rights and obligations and of the means to defend them, in full communion with the church.

In the field of the catholic marriage, we work to help the ecclesiastical courts in developping countries and we try to orientate the faithfulls to the appropriate ecclesial structure able to take their questions in account, before and after the wedding.

In the field of administrative Justice, we publish extracts of the book « Administrative Justice in the Catholic Church » dedicated to all categories of faithfulls.

Our English website, which is at its beginning, is going to grow for two kinds of publics :

To conclude, let us pray saint Yves who is the holy patron of all lawyers :

Saint Yves,
As long as you have lived among us,
you were the advocate of the poors,
The defender of widows and orphans,
the Providence of all the needy.
Now listen to our prayer.
Get us to love justice as you have loved her.
Let us know how to defend our rights,
without prejudice to the others,
seeking above all reconciliation and peace.
Aroused defenders who plead the cause of the oppressed for justice to be done in love.